We are a small family business located in Arlington, Virginia. When my husband and his family first moved to Istanbul, Turkey they fell in love with the artisanal work found in the outdoor markets; the colorful ceramics that decorated the shops storefronts, the beautiful mosaic lamps that lit the streets at night, and the smell of assorted spices and coffee that filled air. We wanted to share these exquisite treasures with everyone else and that is how our business was born. Shortly after we opened our store in Istanbul, Turkey.

Each item is handcrafted by our family with precision and care, our products are hand selected by us and we only choose the most special items for our online store and craft shows in the U.S.

Turkish art is ancient and can be traced back centuries, Turkish ceramics are known for their bright colors, as well as intricate patterns and they are special because they are beautiful as well as functional. The Turkish coffee and spice grinders have been used for many centuries and they are a staple in Turkish homes. Since they are made of brass not only are they highly decorative but they are also extremely durable.

In order to make the mosaic lamps and candleholders pieces of colored or mirrored glass are measured and cut, then the bits of glass and beads are secured in various geometric patterns and designs onto the handblown sphere. The sphere is then dried and covered in ceramic and lastly polished to reveal the intensity of the colors.

The ceramics are made by  kneading and shaping the clay  then placing it on a pottery wheel and are then molded to the artist liking using water and various pressure techniques to bring shape to the clay. In some cases various tools are used to shape the clay as well; after the piece is done it is hand painted using several techniques and designs.

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